What services are available?

We provide a wide variety of services, and can handle custom jobs. Everything from garden installation and maintenance to putting in a pond, fence, or helping create a custom garden layout. Below are a few examples of the kind of work we do. 

Garden maintenance

 This covers everything from pulling weeds, cutting back grass and plants, and upkeep of the garden irrigation.

Garden installation

Everything from removal of old plants, digging a new garden bed, planting new plants, and irrigation installation.

Water features

We can install small ponds, fountains, and waterfalls to bring an extra bit of exotic charm. Wether you want a pond for fish, or want to redirect rainwater for natural irrigation in the winter. 

Clean up and brush removal

 Great for the end of winter, we can come in and remove the overgrown weeds and plants, as well as cut back the trees and get the property ready for the summer. 

Synthetic Grass Installation

It's hard to keep green grass in the Israeli heat, but we have a solution. Wether you want a full yard, or just a walkway, we can install synthetic grass. We clear the area of debris, smooth the surface, lay down a gravel sand mixture, and compact it to provide a solid flat area to lay down the synthetic grass. We also add a layer of tarp underneath to prevent weeds from growing through the grass. 

Pathways and sitting areas

Brick pathways and sitting areas are a great alternative to the constant upkeep of weeds and plants growth. We can install a variety of options and designs. As a special touch we offer the option to have hidden messages in the brick designs.
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