Frequently asked questions.

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Don't be shy

 Wether it's a price inquiry, or simply asking for gardening advice, we are always happy to assist. You can contact us through Email, Phone, or by chatting with a representative here on the website. 

What payment options are available?

• Cash
• Check
• Bank Transfer
• PayPal

Do you work by the hour, or by the job?

Both. We are a flexible company and will work with you to help find the best payment plan available. For smaller jobs like garden maintenance we would advise an hourly rate. Larger jobs such as installation of synthetic grass are best done by the job. Give us a call to find out what plan is best for you. 

Can you work around animals?

We Love Animals though we would prefer not to run equipment around animals, for their own safety of course. We can work around animals and can do such jobs as cleaning a fence line for cow and horse fields.